The Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP) is a local Lead Agency coordinating tobacco control efforts in Solano County since 1990. TPEP is a program of the Health Promotion and Community Wellness Bureau within Solano Public Health. TPEP focuses on these major areas:

• Countering the influence of the tobacco industry
• Reducing exposure to secondhand smoke
• Reducing the availability of tobacco
• Promoting tobacco cessation services
• Building local assets to support local tobacco control efforts.

Every three years, TPEP conducts a community-based assessment to identify the local priorities for tobacco prevention with a focus on policy and community norm change. TPEP supports a community coalition to advise and strengthen our efforts. TPEP priorities for 2013-14 are:

• Conducting a large countywide survey of community retail stores that sell tobacco (click here for Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community results)
• Building community partnerships to develop a shared strategy for improving the health of local retail stores by promoting healthy choices and reducing unhealthy choices
• Reducing secondhand smoke exposure in muti-unit housing in Fairfield

Please view our website for information about the dangers of tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke, promoting smoke-free housing, quitting smoking and other related topics.

Check out smoke-free housing information for Property Managers and landlords to learn and understand the importance of offering smoke-free housing. For renters, learn about your rights as it pertains to smoke-free housing.

Learn about the Tobacco Education Coalition (TEC), which is an advisory group to the Solano County Health and Social Services, Tobacco Prevention and Education Program to help reduce tobacco use in Solano County.

Want to quit? Follow this link to information
about Quit Smoking resources and
other sites to help kick the habit.

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Tobacco is the number one preventable cause of death, killing 780 Solano residents each year.

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