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Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community Campaign

Stores in our community play a critical role in our health. The tobacco, alcohol and food industry target young people through the products they sell and the advertising they do in stores. Many of these products, like junk food and tobacco, contribute to lifelong health problems, such as obesity, diabetes or heart disease. The Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community campaign is a collaboration between tobacco, alcohol and nutrition prevention partners to improve the health of our community through education and promotion of changes in neighborhood stores.

In the summer of 2013, TPEP staff and volunteers visited 210 stores that sell tobacco in Solano County and surveyed, for the first time, the availability of tobacco products, alcohol and healthy food and drinks. Data from the survey show that:

  • Despite being an agricultural county, only 10% of stores had good quality fresh produce, compared with a third of stores statewide.
  • 9 out of 10 stores in Solano County sold flavored tobacco products that appeal to kids—with flavors like chocolate and grape—a much higher rate than the state.
  • E-cigarettes are more widely available in Solano than in the state, with easy access at almost 60% of stores.
  • You are almost twice as likely to find sugary beverages at the checkout, than to find low or non-fat milk in Solano County stores.

Click on the link in the resources side bar to the right to view all results from the Solano County Store Survey.
Click on the picture below to view the video "Antonio's Walk to School," to see how stores affect our children.

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Kids exposed to tobacco advertising inside stores


Youth are 3 times more likely than an adult to be influenced by a tobacco advertisement

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