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"Menthol Helps the Poison Go Down Easier" -  Dr. Phillip Gardiner, DrPH  

Your Help Is Needed Now!

In 2009 the FDA banned flavored cigarettes, but allowed menthols.

We are leading a campaign in Solano County to urge the Federal Drug Administration to ban menthol in cigarettes and flavorings such as chocolate, as well as menthol, in smokeless tobacco products.

The Vallejo City Council led the way this year by endorsing a resolution February 12, 2013. Join us in our efforts by encouraging your community's support.

              "Dying for a Menthol"

Ads (right) appeared in The Daily Republic and The Vallejo Times-Herald during March 2011 to capture public attention and encourage involvement in this   life-saving effort.

Be sure to check back for updates as our campaign progresses --  September 2012  Media Release attracted coverage from newspapers, radio and TV.

Right Now, we need your help to support the adoption of local Resolutions in Vacaville, Dixon and Fairfield that urge the FDA to ban menthol.

Resolutions are being passed now in the Bay Area:

      -   Contra Costa County
      -   City of Oakland
      -   Alameda County
      -   Solano County
      -   City of Richmond
      -   San Mateo County
      -   San Francisco County
      -   City of Berkeley
      -   San Pablo
      -   Martinez
      -   Pittsburg
      -   Marin County
      -  City of Vallejo
      -   Dixon Unified School District
      -   Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District
      -   more cities and counties joining soon!

Watch for updates on our progress in the upcoming months!

     Update - Board of Supervisors passes menthol Resolution

Why menthol?
Menthols are "starter" cigarettes for underage smokers, and 82% of African-Americans who smoke, choose menthols.

African-American smokers are suffering higher rates of smoking-related illnesses - dying prematurely from heart disease, stroke and complications of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Advertising targets African-Americans, Latinos and youth. Visit the National African-American Tobacco Prevention Network for the whole story at NAATPN.

Salem ad Black basketball players relaxing in a park

Deceptive ads are designed to convince African-American smokers that menthols are healthier than regular cigarettes. This myth persists across generations.

Kool cigarette House of Menthol ads

  All Cigarettes Contain Menthol!
Menthols are “starter” cigarettes for youth. 44% of
young smokers, ages 14 to 17, smoke menthols.

African Americans in coffin resembling cigarette pack

Not Cool!

All cigarettes contain menthol in varying amounts. The "cooling" properties of menthol, along with predatory advertising campaigns quickly and heavily addict minority youth for life.

Menthol is - NOT!

     - a healthier alternative
     - soothing to sore throats
     - "Refreshing, Alive with Pleasure"

Menthol DOES activate cooling receptors in the mouth, throat, taste buds and bronchi to send signals to the brain  to:

     - cause deeper inhalation into lungs;

     - trigger dopamine receptors and with the effects of nicotine,
       create stronger addiction;

     - increase salivation, making the poison go down easier;

     - make cells more permeable, letting toxins pass more easily through tissue.

Candy Flavors Entice YouthGrape Swisher Sweets cigarillos

The ban on flavored cigarettes does NOT extend to little cigars, regular cigars, flavored blunt wraps or any of the hundreds of smokeless products.

Our campaign to prevent youth from taking up a deadly habit extends beyond banning menthol from cigarettes.

We support banning menthol and fruity flavorings from all tobacco products, including new smokeless items such as Snus, Camel Orbs, strips and sticks.

YOU Can Help! 

Join us in our efforts to educate family, friends, colleagues and our communities about this highly important issue.

Learn more about menthol in your community

Menthol Fact Sheet: The Impact of Menthol on Public Health

In Solano County:  "Toxic Facts about Tobacco"  VallejoDixon, Vacaville, Fairfield

Tobacco-Free Kids has information on tobacco industry issues including marketing practices. Check out Big Tobacco's Guinea Pigs!

CYAN, California's Youth Advocacy Network, focuses on preventing youth from tobacco use.

ChangeLab Solutions works with neighborhoods, cities and states to transform communities with laws and policies, including tobacco regulation and smoke-free laws, that create lasting change.











More than 82% of African-Americans who smoke prefer menthol cigarettes;
compared to 25% of whites.

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